Since their inception in 2016, the Hallions have taken Glengarry County and surrounding areas by storm with their high energy Celtic Rock. The driving force of the fiddle and drums combined with passionate rugged vocals are the core of the Hallions’ sound, with influences from The Mahones, Dropkick Murphy’s, Flogging Molly, Great Big Sea, and The Pogues. Although they couldn’t be happier playing influential covers and traditional songs live, the band is excited to be releasing their first EP, late 2018!

Band Members:

Pat Miller Garreau (lead vocals, guitar)

Alex MacMillan (electric guitar, mandolin, banjo)

Pamela Cumming (fiddle)

Stephen Blondin (drums)

Noel Campbell (bass)


The band started in early 2016 when mandolin/banjo player Alex MacMillan rehearsed with fiddle/tin whistle player Rita DeNobriga when asked to play as a duo in Montebello, QC. Shortly after the first rehearsal, the two decided to evolve their passion for “modern celtic sound”. Searching for a unique sound, they invited mutual friend Pat Miller Garreau to accompany them with vocals and acoustic guitar. The trio played their first show on St Patricks Day together.

Over the next six months of searching for a “bigger” sound, the band stumbled upon Eric “Kick” Hurtubise to play drums, giving them a “high paced” sound. Patiently waiting for the bass guitarist to return from a year adventure in Ireland, the band found their final piece Matt Seguin to embrace a much desired “rock” tone.


The Sound:

The Hallions core trio sound is often compared to a Canadian version of the Pogues, mixed with a rich east coast sound such as Great Big Sea. Once combining booming drums and bass guitar to the mix, the band was able to obtain a unique “High Energy Celtic Rock” sound. The Mahones, Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly became some of the major musical influences.

Although the fast paced music may attract an energetic audience, the melodic sound of the fiddle makes The Hallions a perfect blend of traditional and modern “Celtic Rock” music.



Although they couldn’t be happier playing influential covers and traditional songs live, the band is excited to release their first EP in the near future. This is what co songwriters Pat Miller Garreau and Alex MacMillan express their passion to write their own music, “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to express our own music with our fans. The creative writing process is the most thrilling part of being a musician. We hope that we will be able to connect with our audience and deliver messages and emotions of all kinds.”